Boost Shopify sales and revenue with WhatsApp+ ChatGPT automation

Use WhatsApp with ChatGPT built in for automated marketing and sales: cart recovery, personalized notifications, and fast support via WhatsApp button in your Shopify store.

Why it's beneficial to add WhatsApp button to Shopify store

  • 54%
    prefer WhatsApp to track order & delivery updates
  • 39%
    like to use WhatsApp as a channel for customer service
  • 23%
    choose to receive promotional offers on WhatsApp
  • 25%
    of abandoned carts sent via WhatsApp are recovered
  • 26%
    of revenue is driven by personalized product recommendations
Boost your sales and revenue — create automation for WhatsApp with integrated ChatGPT to adjust conversion rates.
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Responsive WhatsApp button
One click to a customer conversation
Responsive WhatsApp button
Abandoned carts recovery
Recover abandoned carts, seal the deals, and update shipping info with ease
Abandoned carts recovery
Automated notifications
Automated notifications
Live Chat
Offer ultimate live chat experience with multiple agents — it's a customer service transformation
Live Chat
WhatsApp Cloud API
Connect your WhatsApp Business easely
Add ChatGPT’s latest generation to your bot
Google Sheets
Connect Sheets to export data from Chatfuel
Sync Chatfuel with thousands of other apps
ChatGPT integration
Automate product recommendations, cart recovery, and customer service in a back-and-forth conversation
ChatGPT integration

How it works

Register at Chatfuel
Connect your WhatsApp number
Install Chatfuel app from Shopify app store
Set up re-engage messages:
  • abandoned cart and other reminders
  • order confirmation
  • shipping updates
  • exclusive offers
  • personalized product recommendations, etc.
Increase customer engagement and sales — employ WhatsApp integration with Shopify
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