Employ Chatfuel chatbot as your WhatsApp AI sales manager

Empower your business with an affordable AI sales manager that instantly responds to an unlimited number of leads in WhatsApp and motivates them to purchase 24/7

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Trends for adopting generative AI

  • 63 %

    of execs have identified sales as one of their focuses for utilizing gen AI

    based on the IBM Institute for Business Value's research

  • 90 %

    of commercial leaders expect to use gen AI solutions in marketing and sales 'often' over the next two years

    based on the Mckinsey research

Businesses like yours use AI sales managers to automate:

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AI sales manager invites prospects to a video call with a consultant and helps them book a slot.

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Chatfuel AI sales managers chat on WhatsApp with 10K+ users per month

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Benefits of AI sales manager

Same or better conversion rates vs. human sales departments

AI sales manager can replace your human sales team, bringing comparable metrics and saving your resources and expenses like time for team training, quality control, etc.

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Customer story: Ultima.school
  • iconCustomizationThe solution is tailored to your business specifics and goals
  • iconSpeed of responseYou set how quickly your chatbot responds to customers
  • iconControlAI sales manager always follows all your instructions
  • iconTracking and reportingAI saves all activities data and sends to your CRM via API

Why us

  • Generative AI expertise

    we know how to make GPT models work excellent for your business

  • Sales expertise

    we know how to reliably replace humans in sales and improve conversions

  • Seamless integrations

    with all your services via APIs

    all integrations
  • Support at all stages of implementation

    from setup to improving your AI sales manager after launch; personal accounting (for Enterprise plan)

  • Real success cases

    of achieving business goals with our solution

Harness AI sales manager's power for your business