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Chatfuel templates
Asked Questions
Don’t waste your time answering repetitive questions in post comments, stories, mentions, and direct messages. Use Chatfuel to see popular questions, and set up automatic replies to all of them, regardless where they message you on Instagram.
FAQ for industries
Generate leads
Nurture your Instagram audience using chatbots. Easily set up flows to automatically capture emails or other contact info through Instagram ads and direct messages. Then segment, qualify, nurture, and export the collected leads right inside Chatfuel.
Chatfuel triggered messages
Sell more
Automatically recover abandoned carts, re-engage users and qualify the leads to increase sales. With Chatfuel, it's easier to keep in touch with customers, answer their unique needs and remind them about the products and services

Chatfuel features

Instagram Flow Builder

Use an intuitive drag-n-drop interface to build FAQ, set up lead generation, discounts, or any other types of flows.

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Use predefined Instagram templates to build your first Instagram chatbot in minutes.

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Custom automated replies

Add keywords that people use in their questions, and create automated replies for them. Set up custom default answers to common questions.

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All communications covered

Chatfuel allows you to automate all types of conversations and communication channels on Instagram: post comments, stories, mentions, direct messages, and ads.

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Leads management

Not only can you build flows to capture leads, but you can also segment, qualify, and export them right from the Chatfuel interface.

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Live chat

Some conversations require personal touch. When there’s an inquiry that can’t be answered by the bot, you can talk to your customers without leaving the Chatfuel platform.

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